Q.  How are the products you use “Green”?

A.  The products we use are Green Seal certified under the Green Seal Standard and/or are recognized by the US EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) partnership.  They are Environmentally Preferable Products designed to perform well and be safer on our environment and the person using the product.

Q.  What is a "maintenance" cleaning?

A.  We refer to our regularly scheduled service as a maintenance service. Essentially what this means is that we don't do a deep clean every time we come, we only clean what needs to be cleaned.  We find it to be unnecessary and the downfall is an unwanted, lengthy visit.

Q.  How long does it take to complete a cleaning service?

A.  This depends on the type of cleaning.  The first service is typically the longest and this is for several reasons.  First, the initial service focuses on things that may not need attention every time, like fans and blinds.  Second, for one-time cleanings, most customers want the big, time consuming jobs done. 

Q.  What forms of payment does Green Home accept?

A.  Green Home accepts Paypal, check, or cash.  These options are available either on site or through our website.

Q.  Does the same person clean my house every time?

A.  Yes.  Although many circumstances cannot be controlled, Green Home will always try and keep your service routine the same each visit.  Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Q.  Does Green Home supply the cleaning products?

A.  Green Home supplies all of the products necessary to make your home shine.  We bring and use all of our own green cleaning products.  All that we will use of yours is your vacuum, if needed, and your toilet bowl brush.  Any “special” cleaning products will have to be provided by the customer.

Q.  What if I have additional items I need cleaned but are not in my regular service?

A.  All you need to do is let us know.  If necessary, we will work out the price increase for that particular change.

Q.  Do I need to be present when Green Home comes for services?

A.  You don't need to be, we can make arrangements either way.  Green Home is licensed and bonded for your protection, and peace of mind.  In fact, we have keys to many of our customer’s homes and offices.

Frequently Asked

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