With a demanding schedule around work, your children, and other activities, it’s no wonder the house cleaning business is in full demand.  Even though there may be several options available to you, it is important that you take the time to do your research and hire a business that is ready to fit you and your family’s needs.  That means consistency, integrity, reliability, and the ability to be flexible.  Green Home is ready and willing to take on that challenge and we do on a regular basis.  We understand that schedules may change and customer service is a critical part of staying in business.  Green Home provides a service that is intended to help you and that is the bottom line!  Ask any of our customers and they will surely tell you the same. 

“Green Home Cleaning Services is the most trustworthy and honest business you could ever hire to clean your house.  Not only will your home be exceptionally clean upon your return but the rates are also very reasonable.  Sasha always makes sure to pay attention to detail when she cleans and she ensures that all our needs are met – she also gets along with our two dogs” – Nadine, Lincoln

“I met Sasha when she came to give us an estimate and we instantly felt very comfortable with her. We like her a lot because she does a great job in keeping our house clean specially the windows and floors.  It really saves a lot of time for me not to worry about cleaning the whole house anymore. I also like that she uses non-toxic products and being that we have little dogs, it is nice to know that they will not ingest or lick something that might make them sick after cleaning. Sasha and her team are very easy going, I am very picky and each time I ask her to clean this and that, she is always so nice and accommodating.  Another reason I like her is she provides the supplies so I don't have to worry about buying it for her.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an honest, nice, friendly person to help you with your house.” – Grace and Greg, Lincoln

“Sasha has been great to work with.  I was very lucky to find a company that uses the safest products, especially considering all the sensitivities my toddler has.  It’s refreshing to walk in from work and breathe in fresh air, and know the house is clean and the surface is safe for my boy.” – Vicki, Lincoln

"Sasha contacted me immediately after I requested leads on house keepers. She was able to come that afternoon to see my house and give me a quote. She came for the initial cleaning three days later. I was very happy with the results. She uses all green products, so there wasn't any chemical or artificially "clean" smells. The floors and surfaces look great. She brings all her own tools of the trade so it is very easy for me. I plan on having her back at least once a month. She is very reasonably priced and flexible. A big plus for me is she takes credit cards through "Pay-Pal" on her website, so I can earn my hotel points" – Jessica, Service Magic

“A friend recommended Green Home Cleaning Services to me when I was looking for someone to clean my house.  As a single working mom to young children and an indoor dog I needed someone trustworthy, affordable and I appreciate the environmentally friendly products she uses in my home.  I love coming home from a long day at work to a clean home.  Sasha brings all her own supplies and cleaning tools and goes above and beyond a basic cleaning service.  Her attention to details does not go unnoticed.  I appreciate the personal touches Sasha gives to my home.” – Gina, Lincoln

“We love using Green Home Cleaners.  Sasha is very professional and dependable.  She wastes no time in getting the job done with excellence at a competitive price.  You can't put a value on having more time to spend with my kids and their busy schedule.” – Christa, Twelve Bridges


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